Wireless networking Home $49.99 Premium $69.99 Premium $99.99
Set up, configure and secure your router; safeguard your personal information and secure your broadband signal from use by others.

Installation and configuration of a networking adapter on computers, desktops, laptops, printers, and Network Enabled TVs.

2 Devices

2 Devices

2 Devices
Enable basic security functions, including antiphishing and
pop-up blocking activation in Internet Explorer.

Configuration of internet, including the ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Personalized network keys, high end security.


Enable devices to share the internet, files, printers and other media such as videos, music, photos, etc.. (User Accessibility)


VoIP (voice over IP) setup.



Repair network and internet connectivity if necessary.    
Installation of all other Network equipment. (NAS drives, etc)     
Add an additional device during the initial setup $ 19.99 $ 29.99 $ 29.99
Wireless Network Seup
Additional Device

We provide laptop, desktop, and network services at your location or remotely.


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